seo and marketing team


Making the decision to expand on your seo goals means being a member of a team. The team is made up of yourself and your SEO professional. This highly technical field isn't something you just pay someone for and walk away. It calls for constant vigilance on many levels and you'll be called in to update specific bits of information now and than. Although it may seem like a burdensome chore, it truly is an adventure and learning experience that will bring about a better understanding of SEO overall.

Don't let SEO be intimidating. It's both a series of sciences and art. It is an ever changing landscape of techniques and tactics that one must stay abreast of. This can only be achieved through study and application under a SEO expert. The expert will walk you through definition of terms, purposes of techniques and tactics, and what your participation is expected. The SEO expert should not overwhelm you, but carefully lay down procedures that educate you and allow you to fit into your work schedule. Once you get an idea of what your duties are, you will find it easier to fluidly integrate your skills into the SEO expert's campaign designed for you.

Basic duties for you will be both analysis of your sites for accurate data, proper placement of pertinent data, soliciting things like authoritative backlinks, social media engagement, answering your emails and managing your email list so that each post contains SEO engineered data that adds to your bottom line. You will need to educate your staff as well. Making sure their emails, social media conversations and newsletters are full of exact and efficient SEO skills. After a while one will see the fun and ease of doing SEO as a team member making operations run like clockwork.

team work and vision

As a team member you will also have the responsibility to have the SEO expert do their job with clarity. Far too often an SEO company will 'geek out' so to speak, assuming that everyone else knows what they are talking about. They will rifle through conversations not realizing they've left you in a pub of confusion. Do not hesitate to stop them and demand proper communication. It is your invested money and you deserve service and cooperation on a professional level with the proper candour.

It can take some time to find that equilibrium a team needs to work with peak efficiency. Patience and camaraderie must emerge from the very beginning or relationships will dwindle into a quagmire, thus calling for extra time to remedy. Remember, you are in a learning venue with a professional that will elevate you to new and productive levels in the field of SEO that can only lead to positive equity, profit, notoriety, and perhaps professional friendships that can last for years.

This is the goal of our company. To create professional SEO relationships to get your sites to the top of the search engines, ethically, and with a smile.