seo expections plan


One of the biggest obstacles to SEO is when clients expect things that are unrealistic. They either hear that so and so got to the top of Google's search engine results with some SEO guru, or they have an arrogant notion that paying a SEO company a lot of money and walking away will turn into an avalanche of traffic and conversion revenue. SEO is not like hiring someone to mow your lawn or fix your car's fender. SEO is a combination of science and art, tactics and techniques that must be expertly studied and applied with an emphasis on your being an active participant in every aspect.

This doesn't mean it will turn into a full time job, but that your watchful eye and professional conduct will ensure you are a vital part of the SEO team and the campaign. It is your content that is being optimised, like that of a musician or artist. A musician cannot have a concert and not show up to play.

The best analogy to SEO campaigns is that it is just like a garden. You prepare the soil, scripting, you plant the seeds, content, water it, traffic, and watch it go, pruning and treating it along the way until it bears fruit and seeds. It's that simple. This way you're aware of what is going on fundamentally and can see the process grow each day, look at the ROI or Return On Investment, tweak what works and does not, and wait for further upward results.

All you'll be doing are two things, watching your SEO crop and letting the SEO expert do the bulk of the farming, just like a hired professional hand. Two heads are better than one, the old adage goes, and the same applies to having your own SEO campaign. After a while it will be second nature to you. We will keep doing keyword research and exploring new approaches so that nothing is overlooked. Should a new piece of software or industry changing technique take hold, we will be right on top of it and alert you to such so that you can monitor what we do with your statistics programs.

The word, gradient, is best applied here. Things will move upward if all goes right, but the speed at which that advance takes place can range from slow and steady like in the Aesop fable of the 'Tortoise and the Hare', or in a meteoric upward rise. Most often it will come in spurts of slow, fast, slow, fast, all depending on the construction of the site, keywords, tags, and of course popular content.

So for the duration you will have to sit on the fence of your SEO campaign garden and slowly but surely reap the best rewards due you working with us.